game of thrones meme: five houses: house targaryen

game of thrones meme: five houses: house stark

First touch life. Second touch, dead, again… forever. 

"Occasionally, I’d come home to my fiancé [Stefano Mioni], ‘I feel really fat.’ He says, ‘Will you listen to yourself? You know you’re being silly.’ And I do know that when I’m home, but in the business it’s different. The only way that I could ever be a size 6 is if I didn’t eat. I’m not naturally meant to be that size, and I just feel like there’s a responsibility to people who aren’t that size to make that known." - Gemma Arterton

ϟ The Magic Begins - favourite spell: Expecto Patronum

ϟ The Magic Begins - favourite character: Draco Malfoy 

"I became the thing they wanted me to be for the part [Prince of Persia]. But I don’t agree with what they think is beautiful because it’s not me. Unless you’re really famous and successful then they’re going to bully you into going to the gym. It’s a side of the industry that I find uncomfortable." - Gemma Arterton